Smart Lockers are becoming increasingly prevalent in today’s society, whether being utilised within a public space or operating within a specific business

Smart lockers have a multitude of differing applications, and are available in an array of colours, sizes and configurations to suit the needs of your business. Smart Lockers can be utilised in public places for the secure storage of luggage, making them ideal for tourists and holidaymakers looking for freedom and mobility while sightseeing and shopping. They can also be used as a point of delivery and collection of parcels, whether in public places, apartment complexes, or businesses.

Intelligent and secure, only those with specific access codes may access certain lockers, making them the ideal solution for the temporary storage of parcels and personal belongings. Smart lockers can also be provided with integrated power options, offering users the ability to charge their devices while on the move.

Self-Service Charging Locker System

This offers users a safe and secure location to store and/or re-charge personal items and devices in central locations for a short period of time.

  • In built 3 pin plug, USB and device specific charging cables
  • Registered user or one time user functionality
  • Smart phone app for personal device monitoring and system location
  • Operate as a free or chargeable service depending on location or user rights
  • Access/charge by contact-less payment, access control card, biometrics or pin code
  • Wall mounted, standalone, networked or wireless installations
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RFiD Locker Sytem

This allows users to store important equipment and to be tracked as it moves in and out of secure compartments with authorised users

  • Secure, track, manage and audit your important equipment
  • Registers authorised users to access locker compartments
  • Accessed using a pin code, card swipe or biometric reader
  • Attach a unique trackable RFiD tag to equipment
  • Automated check in and check out system to increase security and efficiency
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Hardware Features


Security fixing throughout, double skinned 2mm steel housing with solenoid based slam hatches and internal security hinges.


Contains multi-door sensor door control, emergency manual key override with visual and audible alarms.


HD wide angle camera for identification. LEDlights showing door status for authorisation.


Fully stand alone with anti tamper design and construction.

Software Features


Simple user interface with in-built training and update suite.


Wi-Fi and LAN Connectivity with MSSQL database backend. Local and remote administration.


Locker and asset pre-book facility. Remote support function with encrypted password and data.


Auto report and alert generator. Audit reports exportable via excel and pdf format.

Additional Options

  • 12 input and output connections
  • Key specific cabinet add-on
  • Breathalyser Integration
  • Maintenance locker
  • Roller shutter door
  • Fingerprint system access
  • Turnstile Exit Restrictions
  • GPS Asset Tagging/Tracking
  • RFiD Asset Tagging/Tracking
  • Operate with current access cards
  • Additional wireless camera
  • Fit for purpose module
  • Equipment reservation software
  • SMS/Email alert feature
  • Database import/export
  • Software Development and Integration

Market Sectors


With many students and members of staff needing access to an often limited number of laptops, tablet computers or AV equipment it is important that resources are managed effectively. Combine these challenges with the ever increasing cost of repair and issues associated with broken equipment, and it is easy to see how an intelligent locker system can be extremely useful to an Educational establishment

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Smart lockers made for Emergency Services can manage uniforms, airwave radios, breathalysers, keys, camera’s, evidence, weapons.


Maintenance and Engineering cabinets can manage tools, lifting equipment, radios, diagnostic tablets, laptops, power tools.


Lockers for the Automotive sector can securely store, re-charge and track the usage of diagnostic tablets and laptops, calibrated equipment and tools


Smart lockers allow Distribution and Logistics operations to be effective by providing secure storage, charging and vending of hand held scanners, data terminals, tablet computers, PDA’s .


Hospital and Health Care smart lockers can manage duress alarms, drugs, keys, pagers, radios, testing equipment.


Lockers that are made for Prisons and Correctional Facilities can help with the management of duress alarms, keys, radios, sensitive information, access control devices, pagers, controlled drugs


Smart Asset Loan Trolley

Automated smart trolley used for vending, storage and charging of tools and equipment.

Smart Storage Pods

Secure smart lockers for parcel, laundry and other items – drop off and delivery.


Avoid potential system disruptions by eliminating data breaches

Protect staff and customer information from data breaches that could disrupt productivity and harm your network.

Get full protection against all types of attacks

Bitdefender will protect your system against internet-based threats such as hacking and phishing with zero day updates.

Review the security status of your systems at anytime via web portal

Monitor the security of your smart locker systems through the easy-to-use GravityZone web portal, offering live data and historial reports .