Prevent Shrinkage

The CashComplete SDS-35 is a smart deposit system designed to reduce shrinkage in your business. It’s compact design allows it to be kept underneath your POS system and it has the ability to be connected to your POS. It’s designed to help combat employee theft, counting errors,  burglary and counterfeit notes. It has a built in safe to keep your money secure and counterfeit detection to make sure it is genuine currency,

Transform Your Cash Handling

The CashComplete SDS-35 is the solution for businesses where cash handling and authentication is taking up too much of your staff’s time. It will improve cash visibility, counting accuracy and reduce shrinkage to completely overhaul your business’s cash management system.

Simple to Use

The SDS-35 uses an industry leading CashComplete On-Device Management operating system used across the full range of CashComplete products. It’s designed to be easy to use so your employees will only need a short training period to get up and running.

Designed to Fit In

The SDS-35 is designed to fit into any business. It is less than 50 centimetres high and weights less than 25kg. It will easily fit under a desk or directly at the point of sale for instant access, You can even mount it directly to the underside of your countertop or to the floor.

Save Time

Manually counting cash is a very slow manual process, but with the SDS-35 it’s lightning quick and automatic. The machine will keep track of everything that’s deposited in it, freeing up your staff to do other tasks.

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Save Time
and Money


Full Compatibility with CashComplete Connect Platform


Instantly Secure  Your Cash
Prevent Shrinkage and Counterfeits
Optimise Cash Inventory

Cashcomplete connect

Automated Payment Management System

This product is compatible with CashComplete Connect.

CashComplete Connect is a cloud based payment management system built to integrate with and help manage all aspects of your company’s cash flow.

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Technical Specifications

DepositMFL 4-way read self-centering
Deposit Speed5 seconds per note
Storage Capacity1,000 Notes
Size (Weight x Depth x Height) 210 x 300 x 437mm
Net Weight22.1kg
Power Supply120 VAC 60hz / 240 VAX 50hz
RegulatoryUL, CE, and FCC
Optional AccessoriesAdditional Cassettes, Printer, Printer Paper, and Cleaning Cards