Pocket Touch / PAX A920

The PocketTouch is a paper-free approach giving you the ability to take food and drink orders specifically designed and developed for the hospitality and catering industries. The PocketTouch is now available on the PAX A920 Mobile Card Terminal which incorporates tableside ordering as well as taking card payments on a single device.

Thanks to this new integration, the PAX A920 is now an all-in-one solution offering faster service, increased customer satisfaction, queue-busting, a reduction of mistakes and stock information to inform staff if an item is out of stock. 

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Multi-Level Floor Plan

  • Seamlessly manage every table at your disposal 
  • Easily view the status on any table to see whether the table is open/closed, the total, items ordered and if the bill has been printed
  • Assign names to each table for restaurant bookings
  • Increased customer satisfaction and reduce errors
  • Intuitively transfer the bill from one table to another
  • Effortlessly identify customers with custom table text
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Graphical Table Plan

Reduce mistakes as your staff can identify and open the correct table with multiple floor level support.

Live Table Plan

View the status of any table with a press of a button. TouchPoint is easy and intuitive to use!

Gestures for Quick Item Amendment

Add and remove a product quickly and effortlessly. Just swipe the item in the sale window!

Kitchen and Bar Printing

Orders are sent directly to the kitchen/bar saving valuable time allowing for increased productivity and customer satisfaction.

View Stock Levels

Receive a notification when an item is low in stock so that the order can be resolved first time, at the table.

Prompt Staff with Choice Options

The PocketTouch can auto prompt staff with meal options or with prompts to upsell during the sale.

Fix Floorplan To Area

Devices used in a specific seating area can be set to open the floorplan at the corresponding level.

Table Personalisation

Assign names to each table, allowing staff to provide a personal level of customer service.

Preset Messages

Preset/custom messages allow staff to quickly identify instructions or allergy information.