Coin Counters

Why waste time manually counting when you could e.g. spend it increasing customer rapport ? Why spend precious time when you can best utilize it to other tasks ? Coin counters are able to count through thousands of coins in a minute and have better accuracy than humans.

Counters/Sorters also protect from internal theft. Whilst we try to hire people who we think are honest and hardworking; The reality is that you can never really know who they are. A coin might “fall” into an employees pocket. With counters you can avoid such “accidents”.

  • Time saving
  • Accurate
  • Efficient
  • Reliable
  • Counterfeit detection
  • Internal theft protection
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Coin Sorters

Providing you with that competitive edge, coin sorters are able to process large volumes of coins swiftly; Allowing you to focus your time making more money instead of counting it. Sorters are also able to sort into different denominations.

Many coin counters also act as sorters. This means you can have quality 2-in-1 functionality with the right product.Time is money. Why spend time counting it when you can spend your time making it. Enquire now !

  • Less error prone than humans
  • Sort into different denominations
  • Counterfeit detection
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