Robin is a room scheduling system for your office so employees can find and book ideal rooms based on amenities, locations and more.

With real-time scheduling, status boards and maps for meeting rooms, Robin’s system works alongside your existing Outlook or Google calendars and any updates to meeting rooms or desks across the web dashboard, mobile app, or room display automatically sync with the entire office calendar.

Also available on web, mobile, plugins, and tablets.

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Meeting Room Displays

You can prevent having meeting rooms stolen especially when most offices having a limited number of them by branding displays with custom background images and logos, so you can make each room your own.

Other features include:

  • Set screens for work hours: The lighting of display screens can dim during off-work hours or hours where nobody will be on-site
  • Lock down display: Keep the app on screen so you can prevent unintended use and accidental bookings
  • Integrated with MDM: Provision and update hundreds of devices all at once

Office Calendar Plugins

You can easily pull information from Robin into your office calendar which include information on room sizes, amenities and more for fast and efficient resource booking.

Robin can sync your existing office calendar systems such as Google, Office 365, and Microsoft Exchange 2007+ (Outlook).

With recurring meeting support and smart syncing, events and information of them will sync to anywhere you need them to, including conference room displays automatically.

Mobile Applications

You can manage all of your personal and work calendars from where ever you are in the world without having to be in the office, with notifications and location based reminders.

You can also book meeting rooms straight from your mobile device and use office calendars without being restricted to your desk. Using the app, you can always be connected to resources in your office from one place.

Filter by room size, location and amenities and more. Robin will only return that match what you are looking for, so you can get the right conference room for you without having to search for one saving you precious time.

Mobile application available on iOS and Android.