Lightspeed Retail

Key Features:

  • Omnichannel: Use Lightspeed Retail with Lightspeed eCom for a comprehensive online and in-store solution.
  • Catalogs – Lightspeed Retail offers pre-loaded catalogs from great vendors.
  • Product Variants – Easily manage products that have varying size, style and colour.
  • Management – Optimize your operations
  • Mobility and cloud – View how your business is performing from anywhere
  • Multi-Store – Manage all your locations simultaneously.
  • Customer Loyalty – Make sure your customers keep coming back
  • Integrations – Benefit from Lightspeed Retail’s extensive portfolio of integrated solutions.
  • Reporting – Pre-designed themes are available.
  • Support and Onboarding – Get support from both Lightspeed directly and Memotech a Certified Lightspeed Expert
  • Hardware – Economical, reliable and stylish hardware all available from Memotech.

Statistics and Services:

  • Businesses using Lightspeed Retail see on average 20% growth
  • Join 50,000+ businesses using Lightspeed eCom worldwide.
  • $15 billion of annual transactions processed
  • 24/7 Support – Direct support from Lightspeed avaialble
  • Support also available from Memotech directly giving you 2 tiers of support.

Lightspeed Retail Works Great in many different settings!

See below some of the types of shops that love Lightspeed Retail!

Fashion and Apparel Shops

Lightspeed Retail is perfect for fashion and apparel shops.

Key Features:

  • Inventory Management – The solution allows you to effectively manage stock from the point of order to the point of sale.
  • Import Tool – Easily upload up to 1000 items with the upload tool.  
  • Product Matrix – Easily set up products that have varying material, size or colour.
  • Categorise and tag – Lightspeed Retail allows you to easily analyse your products through the detailed categorising and tagging functionality.

See what other retailers think of Lightspeed Retail:

Bike Shops

See why Lightspeed Retail powers 1 out of 2 Bike Shops:

Key Features:

  • Inventory Management – Track all your parts and products easily.
  • Integrations – Lightspeed Retail integrates with many of the most popular bike orientated software solutions.
  • Purchase orders – 
  • Repairs – The system is designed with repairs in mind. Creating and tracking work orders has never been simpler.
  • Serial Numbers – Effectively track serialised parts.
  • Advanced reporting – Bike shop owners find that by using Lightspeed Retail they are able to easily discover what their customers love.

See why bicycle shops love Lightspeed Retail:

Electronics Shops

Lightspeed Retail is used by more than 1500 electronics stores! 

Key Features:

  • Customer Accounts – Effectively track what your customers are buying.
  • Omnichannel – Sell online and in-store with Lightspeed Omnichannel the powerful combination of Lightspeed Retail and Lightspeed eCom.
  • Work Orders – Easily resolve your customers technical issues.

Implementation, Aftercare, Support and Training

We can help design and implement your Lightspeed eCom Store.

If looking to deploy an omni-channel solution we can fulfill all your requirements for Lightspeed Retail and the accompanying hardware.

Our Irish based support are always on hand and happy to help!

We offer comprehensive support and training packages.


No matter the size of your business we have a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to integrate with your website.

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