Tenzo is a restaurant management application and sales forecasting software that can combine all of the data from your POS, staff management system and social media platforms to give you a string insight into your business

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How It Works

Sales & Forecasting

With Tenzo software, you can now track sales by location, order type, product category and employees. You can forecast the level of capital at your business at a particular time and day.

By using the software, your business can increase efficiency with automated forecasting so you don’t have to do all of the work. With this, you can find the right balance which works for you of deliveries and in-store resources, smarter ordering and staff management.

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Staff Management

If you want to increase your speed of customer service. then Tenzo is the right software. You’ll be provided with real-time feedback on your staff’s performances and encourage them to sell more.

You can increase sales by setting average check size which will improve the speed of customer service. Tenzo will give you detailed insights into performances of staff and they will be able to view feedback on how they have been doing.

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