Managers in the workplace have a lot to deal with these days. Thankfully, there is a diverse range of staff management software on today’s market which can ultimately reduce the time and stress of managing staff and focus on other key aspects of their jobs.

Staff management software is a software that entails looking after the employees who work for a company of any size. With the right software, owners and managers can reduce their labour expenses while ensuring their staff are still being looked after and treated appropriately.

Staff Management Software


Bizimply staff management software offers unique features when managing employees. You get instant reporting of staff movement from anywhere on your mobile device. You can track staff and their hours worked. With the communication function, you can contact your staff clearly and easily and monitor clock-in/clock-outs. With built-in integration, you can view your payroll with simple and instant wage calculation.


WhosOnLocation staff management software is a cloud-based integrated software that allows users to have an overview of employees that enter and exit the workplace. You can manage employees, visitors or contractors using unique identities and profiles. You can also view their attendance and reports. The software allows you account for all individuals if an emergency occurs.


The Planday employee management software is a cloud-based scheduling system to manage staff management, shift scheduling, employee communications, payroll and reporting. You can easily do calendar system rosters and schedules where staff will be able to view instantly. They can even request time off using the schedule system once you’ve rejected or approved it. Planday software contains an integrated communications system where you can communicate with employees and they can communicate with each other.



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