BURGprotect™ Smart Alarm System

The innovative BURGprotect ™ smart home system from BURG-WÄCHTER combines protection against burglary, fire and water damage into one easy to install system. The alarm system can be expanded at any time and adapted to a new home environment, ensuring everything is always under control.

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How It Works

The heart of BURGprotect ™ is the central control unit Base 2200. All sensors are connected to the base 2200. Adding sensors is quick & easy – simply scan the QR code printed on each sensor with your smartphone. The sensor range in the home is up to 50 metres.

The system monitors the home when activated and depending on the sensors installed, alerts the user of movement, vibration, smoke, water or an opened window / door. When a sensor detects an event, it informs the Base 2200 and in a matter of seconds a notification is sent to the smartphone.

At the same time the device triggers an alarm sound of up to 100 decibels. To use the system, only an internet connection is needed. The control unit can access the internet in three different ways; LAN, WLAN or GSM (SIM card). For additional security, the Base 2200 is protected against jamming attacks.

Your Safe Smart Home


Starter Set 2200

Consists of: 1x base, 2x contact, 1x motion, 1x control
Safeguarding windows and doors, motion detector detects intruders


Motion 2010

Passive infared detector
Coverage approximately 110 degrees
Small animal recognition prevents false alarms


Contact 2030

Contact detector, alarm when windows or doors are opened
Easy installation without screws
Wide reach


Water 2060

Water detector, alarm when high water level
Can be used to detect water penetration and overflow
Signal when battery is low


Control 2110

Handy remote control
Alarm system on/off, home scenario on/off
SOS panic function (contact persons are alerted)


Siren 2115

Acoustic and visual alarm signal up to 120 dB
Deterrence thanks to visible exterior installation
Emergency power battery, manipulation protection


Base 2200

Central control unit w/ integrated siren (100 dB)
Emergency power battery, manipulation protection
Easy sensor integration using QR code


Vibrancy 2020

Vibration alarm
Versatile use (window panes, furniture, display cases)
Easy installation without screws


Smoke 2050

Alarm of up to 85 dB in case smoke is detected
Can also be used without app
Signal when battery is low
EN 14604: 2005


Keypad 2100

Touch operate remote control for wall
Alarm system on/off, home scenario on/off, SOS panic function (contact person are alerted)
LED display of alarm status


Plug 2140

Socket insert up to 2500 watts
Can be switched manually or via app
Ideal for scenario control (lamps,TV’s)


BURGprotect App

Free phone application available  for IOS and Android
Secure thanks to 256 bit encryption
Intuitive set-up of alarm system