We can use our years of experience to assess your business software and processes. Keep what is working and we will help you improve or replace processes where needed.

Whether it is your Website, Point of Sale software or hardware, ERP Solution, CRM Solution, stock management (IMS), card processing, PMS, or employee management, we can help.

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Full Solutions Breakdown:
  • Advanced Loyalty Solutions: We can offer cutting edge loyalty solutions which would allow brands to leverage their business intelligence to improve their performance.
  • Online Ordering Solutions: No commission based online ordering solutions that can potentially integrate with the above solutions or work as a standalone solution.
  • Branded Mobile App Development: We can help develop a powerful mobile application which integrates online ordering and advanced loyalty. This app can help create huge levels of brand awareness and future proof your business. 
  • Website and eCommerce Development: As a successful eCommerce company ourselves. We can offer web and eCommerce development services these can integrate with virtually all the above solutions.
  • Inventory Management Solutions (IMS): A cloud-based restaurant inventory management and purchasing app focused on streamlining procurement, delivery, and accounting. Start Tracking your cost of goods sold, examine your entire purchasing history and stay on top of your inventory.
  • ERP Solutions:
  • CRM Solutions: Customer Relationship Management Solutions for SMEs to Enterprise.
  • Business Intelligence Solutions: What to do with all this Data from your various solutions? We offer Business Intelligence solutions that tie all your data together into usable insights and help optimise your business.

Restaurant Management and Point of Sale Software

Fully featured Point of Sale software for your restaurant from fine dining to café to quick service

Our solutions will meet all simple and complex requirements from table side ordering to seat management to online ordering.

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Employee Management,
Scheduling and Attendance Software

Instantly monitor your employee attendance and punctuality from your mobile device.

Save hours on roster management, wage calculation and payroll. Integration with all major payroll software.

Manage your employees easily over multiple locations.

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Card Acceptance and Multi Channel Integration

We can assess your card payments across all channels – retail, mobile and online. We work with all major payment processors operating in Ireland and can help streamline your process or reduce your fees

Increase speed of service,
reduce errors and save money by integrating your card terminal and the point of purchase regardless of your POS software or card services provider.

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Online Take Away Ordering

Save with a fixed monthly fee instead of paying a percentage of your valuable online sales.

Full integration into the Point of Sale software. Keep your customer up to date every step of the way with updates on their order.

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Hotel PMS and POS Integration

We can provide Property Management Solutions for small,
medium and large hotels and B&Bs.

Full bill to room integration from Point of Sale available for all major PMS software. Allow customers to order from their room via tablet app.

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Retail and Omni Channel Point of Sale Software

Retail Point of Sale software for your shop whether clothing, supermarket or gift shop

We can help you synchronise stock in your store with your online sales for all major ecommerce platforms.

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Mobile Point of Sale and Card Payment

We offer a range of POS and payment solutions for payments on the go and in remote locations

Mobile payments for your field agents? Temporary solution rental or pop up? Mobile internet for your payment dongle or remote management? We can help.

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Multi Channel Stock Management

Managing stock levels between different channels is one of the most difficult challenges of the retailer

Keep your existing POS and ecommerce or let us recommend and implement a suitable option for either. Whatever your choice,we can help with the integration -whether a full ERP solution or simple integration is required.

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Multi Channel Ticketing and Tour Booking Software

Synchronise your organising, issuing and billing of tickets for your event or attraction across channels: online, telephone and walk in customers.

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