What is RFiD?

Radio Frequency IDentification (RFiD) consists of antenna and small chips known as RFiD tags. The job of the tag is to contain a unique serial number that can be recorded against a piece of equipment within the our software, and the job of the antenna is to emit radio waves that are then received back to feed the software with current equipment location and information.

The RFiD locker system allows important equipment to be tracked as it moves in and out of secure compartments by authorised users. Accessed using a pin code, card swipe or a biometric reader, this smart locker system allows your organisation to securely store, manage and track the items that are important to operations by simply attaching a trackable tag to each item.

How it works …

The RFiD locker system can be accessed by entering a pin code into the touch screen control panel or by swiping an access control card at the reader below it. The software will then scan the in-built database and  establish the permission rights of the user. If it is authorised to remove equipment from locker at that time, access will be granted.

Upon retrieval of an item, the lockers automatically record a unique time and date stamp alongside a colour photograph of the user that was granted access. Through the use of RFiD technology, the locker will also recognise each of the assets stored within individually and therefore log those that leave against the user’s account on both the touch screen and web based software. This information is then stored, and may be retrieved at any time remotely over Wi-Fi, through the internal LAN network or via the touch screen control panel.

Why this is for you and your business …

Smart lockers can be integrated with turnstile access control to ensure all company assets are secure, whilst providing quick and easy user access supported by detailed reports of all transactions. Authorised staff can remove assets from lockers such as scanners, keys, laptops and tools using their personal ID card, automatically assigning the asset to the users account. At the end of a work shift , the individual will use their ID Card to leave the premises. If an asset assigned to their account has not been returned then the turnstile gate will restrict the user from leaving until the device has been returned.

Dimensions & Sizes

Ref Cabinet
01 Small Cabinet
02 Small Medium Cabinet
03 Medium Cabinet
04 Small Medium+ Cabinet
05 Medium+ Cabinet
06 Small Large Cabinet
07 Large Cabinet

Ref Controllers

Ref Compartments
10 CS
11 CSW
12 CM
13 CMW
14 CL
15 CLW
16 CXL

External Dimensions (mm)
[H] 625 [W] 628
[H] 1125 [W] 628
[H] 1125 [W] 1128
[H] 1625 [W] 628
[H] 1625 [W] 1128
[H] 2125 [W] 628
[H] 2125 [W] 1128

External Dimensions (mm)
[H] 500 [W] 250
[H] 500 [W] 500

Internal Dimensions (mm)
[H] 94 [W] 155
[H] 94 [W] 155
[H] 219 [W] 155
[H] 219 [W] 405
[H] 469 [W] 405
[H] 469 [W] 905
[H] 969 [W] 905

All compartments are 405mm deep internally.