What is a Cash Guard?

A cash guard is a cash management system that offers a complete solution for efficient, secure and closed cash handling. The system resolves many of the problems involved in many business that deal with traditional cash handling. Staff have no access to the till drawer and all transactions are calculated and administered by the cash guard system.

There have now been over 30,000 Cash Guard installations throughout Europe which started in Sweden in 1994. In Ireland, over 200 Cash Guards have been deployed nationwide since 2011. The systems are now present convenience stores, forecourts, bars, restaurants and pharmacies all over the country.

How does a Cash Guard work?

The CashGuard cash management solution at check out points consists of a note recycle machine controlled by the cashier and a coin recycle machine operated by the cashier/customer depending on the store’s preference. Products are registered as normal by the cashier using the till and the customer can simultaneously insert coins needed as part of the payment – the cashier feeds in the notes received from the customer.

Notes and coins are counted immediately and the customer automatically receives the correct change. The cash management back office solution provides full control of all notes and coins in the store. Collectors empty the note recycle machine and transferring of excess notes to the shop’s back office every so often.

Benefits of a Cash Guard

Improved money security – nobody will have access to the money therefore there will be no hands in the tills, essentially eradicating internal and over the counter theft and also human error therefore the tills won’t be incorrect at the end of the day read.

Improved customer/staff experience – this will make the store a safer shopping environment. Customers will always be given the correct change. It will lessen the stress of staff as they don’t have to go looking for floats or extra cash from management.

Improved store management – this will ultimately increase the time spent on customer service rather than cash management. Every cent is accounted for at the end of the day which will lower the cash handling costs in the future.

Staff View

Customer View

The System

Note Recycler

3-5 note cassettes per recycler
Counterfeit Detection
All notes can be recycled
Cassette capacity: 200 notes
2-3 notes per second
High note acceptance
Reliable construction

Note Collector

Emptying process initiation
Excess notes auto-moved to collector
Never exposes cash while being emptied
Protects from internal theft
4 compartments containing 400 notes each

Coin Recycler

Up to 8 denominations
Counterfeit Detection
All coin recycling
200-380 coin per denomination
Coin validation & sorting
Quick refill
Electronic lock

POS Integrations

We have a number of POS integrations and we can do custom integrations to suit your needs. Here are some integrations that have been previously done on cash guard systems:

  • CBE
  • Retail Solutions
  • Leaders
  • Merit
  • Stationmaster
  • Western
  • TouchStore
  • Calidore
  • Intact
  • ICR Touch

Store Management AppLICATION

The store management application is a great way for managers and owners of the store to oversee everything that the Cash Guard is doing and much more without even being on the premises. The application has many functions and features such as:

  • Control cash levels at checkouts
  • Warnings for high/low change levels
  • Recommends of adjustment of change levels
  • Tracks cash levels of denominations
  • Returns change primarily in denominations in excess
  • Blocks checkouts from being used at certain times
  • Controls user access to functions
  • Logs all activites