Reduce Manual Cash Handling

The SC-8220 is a low cost, high quality solution for counting bank notes of multiple currencies at high accuracy.

Full Flexibility

The SC-8220 has two default modes to help reduce time consuming repetitive manoeuvres.

Multi Mode: Counts up to 3 selectable currencies at the same time.

Auto Mode: Recognizes up to 10 selectable currencies.

Integration and Compatibility

The SC-8220 comes with free software to help you integrate it into the rest of your back office system.

Front Access Convenience

All important features are kept on the front of the machine to make life easier for you. There is a manual UV light for authenticating notes and an SD Card reader for updating the machine and for taking data from the machine.

Who is this product suitable for?

This product is designed for companies that process a lot of cash and want to reduce their time spent managing it. The best use cases for this machine would be the likes of banks, credit unions, post offices and retail chains.

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Banknote Recycling Framework

The Banknote Recycling Framework is a set of rules all professional cash handlers must follow in the European Union to ensure that all the banknotes you receive are checked for damage, counterfeiting or mutilation before you redistribute them to the public.

The SC-8220 bank note counter has been successfully tested and approved by the European Central Bank for compliance with the Banknote Recycling Framework.

Features & benefits

Value Counting

You can count the value of mixed denominations.

Serial Number Reading

This SC-8220 is able to detect and register Serial Numbers.

Free Counting Mode

You can count the number of notes instead of the value.

Single Denomination Counting

The SC-8220 will count the first denomination it detects and reject the rest.

Easy Updates

You can easily update the SC-8220 by plugging in an SD card.

Emission Counting

The SC-8220 is able to seperate new and old versions of the same note.

Counterfeit Detection

The SC-8220 is based on the European Central Bank requirements of authentication devices.

External UV Lamp

If a bank note is too poor for the machine to read an external UV light will turn on for manual checking.

Technical specifications

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