Verify whether your bank notes or coins are authentic. Counterfeit detection provides a means of protecting yourself from a dishonest business deal.

Counterfeit Detection Products


The SB450 is an intelligent counterfeit detector with a small footprint. At the top of the chassis are large, clear lights that will show whenever a bank note is fake. A warning sound will also signal the detected counterfeit. Optional add-on’s include battery pack, anti-theft plate and a smart wall bracket. This ensures you can utilize the SB450 to it’s maximum potential.  

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Due to it’s ease of use and it’s small footprint, the EuroSure is an exceptional ergonomic counterfeit detector. A warning message will appear on the bright and clear LCD whenever a counterfeit is detected. It includes USB as the standard interface. This allows the EuroSure be updated for use with new banknotes. A rechargeable battery is also included which is convenient for outdoor events.

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The MBG 9F UV is a top of the range counterfeit detector. It is a must have for any cashiers and businesses that prioritize efficiency safety. Cheques and credit cards can also be validated due to it’s 4W ultraviolet lamps. This product is quick and easy to use and requires minimal human assistance.

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