The Apollo is a powerful contactless terminal with a sleek and modern design. With two models, the Apollo and the ApolloMax, the Apollo only supports contactless payments while the ApolloMax is an all-in-one solution for accepting contactless payments along with chip and pin. The pin code can be entered using Apollo’s 3.5 Inch touch screen display.

Both the Apollo and the ApolloMax will work with your current acquirer, however, if your acquirer is currently not supported, contact us now and we will have you sorted in no time!

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Apollo Contactless

The Apollo is a payment terminal for accepting contactless card payments designed for unattended use. Both terminals are vandal proof, robust and waterproof.

With a super compact design, the Apollo comes in at 28mm with a 3.5 inch coloured touch screen display. Connectivity wise, the Apollo supports both 4G and Wifi to provide a smoother experience.

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Apollo VS ApolloMax

Both devices certainly appear similar, but what is the difference? The ApolloMax can tap, dip and swipe whereas the Apollo can only be used for contactless card payments.

Check out the information below to view all of the important features for the Apollo and ApolloMax.

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Plug and Play


QR Codes

Build Application


Easy to Connect / Data Contract

Apollo is a solution suitable for every integration with the ability to connect via LAN connection and interfaces for serial, USB, and GSM/GPRS communication, the Apollo is an all around great solution for unattended contactless transactions.

We aim to provide a seamless plug and play experience, in order to do so, we can provide a data contract for your terminals where the terminals will be supplied with GSM modem, SIM card and service contract. Perfect for out of the box use!

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Telemetry allows operators to remotely monitor their devices through the online back office. Operators can gain access to real-time information revenue, product sales along with the monitoring of connections and errors.

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QR Code / Bar Code Scanner

QR code scanner allows the use of discounts and also a way to process payments via phone applications. With the help of barcode and qr code scanners, customers can save loyalty points, make payments via closed loop club cards or adjust the discount percentage or set a fixed amount.

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Software Development Kit / Build your own application

We provide a software development kit(SDK) for creating your own application. The SDK contains all of the necessary development tools which includes sample code and user manual. Communicate from any host system with the Apollo terminals based upon the Apollo proprietary remote terminal protocol such as RS232, TCP/IP etc. The report API provides a generic mechanism to request JSON formatted reports.

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Pin Entry & Branding

The ApolloMax terminal supports on glass PIN entry, however, this is not supported on the Apollo since it is a contactless only terminal.

Branding can be easily customised to your liking, select a logo, colour and design to attract customers. There are multiple options to choose from, contact us now for more information.

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Bring your own acquirer

If your acquirer is currently not supported, we can help you get them certified on our contactless card acceptance devices. We will assist in getting the full process of certification to EMV Level 3 for contactless.

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