Save Time – Eliminate Change Counting Errors

The CashComplete SPS-700 and SPS-800 are designed to make every transaction faster, easier and more secure. It does this by automatically counting your customers money at a lightning fast pace, and then automatically calculating their change and dispensing it to them without your cashier having handle any money.

This eliminates any human counting errors and gives them more time to interact with the customer. Thus giving a better customer service experience. The money is then moved into the safe protecting it..

Why A Closed Cash System?

More and more retailers are switching closed cash solutions. Here’s why:
  • Better Hygiene – Cash is very unsanitary. With this system your staff don’t need to glove up.
  • Cash Trace-ability – Monitor where your cash is in the business.
  • Save time – Automatically Float and Count up.
  • End to end closed system –Employees never touch your cash from the customer to the bank.
  • Software Integration – Ready to be integrated with CBE Software.

Easy to Use for You, Your Staff and Your Customers

This system is so simple to use your employees will be fully trained in no time at all. Customers will have an easy time using it too, it’s as simple as putting notes in one slot and coins in the other, and the change comes out like magic. It also accepts multiple coins at once unlike some frustrating self service machines that we have all used.

Designed to Fit In.

The compact design of the SPS -700 and 800 Closed Cash System means they will fit seamlessly into your retail space. They will fit in your existing checkout space and you won’t be needing an extension!

Take the Variables Out of Business

Shrinkage effects us all. It’s the loss of cash in your business through causes such as theft, human error in cash counting, or counterfeit notes which are on the rise.

The SPS-700 and 800 Closed Cash System features advanced technology to eliminate shrinkage by validating currency, automatically counting it with high accuracy and dispensing the change itself to your customer.

The is no chance of theft, extra change being given, and it’s more sanitary for your employee who doesn’t have to handle cash.

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Features and Benefits

Save Time
Increase Efficiency
Secure Your
Recycles Coins
and Notes
Quick and
Easy To Use
Reduce Shrinkage

Technical Specifications

Speed1 note per second deposit/dispense2-3 coins per second Deposit
10 coins per 12 seconds dispense
Recycling Storage100 notes per denomination (6 denominations)800 coins
Storage600 notes1200 coins mixed
Total Capacity600 notes2000 coins
CurrencyMulti Currency optionMulti Currency option
Cash TransportTransport Unit 1200 notesPickup Box 800 coins
Safe Grade2mm Steel front access2mm Steel front access
Size (W x D x H) 300 x 440 x 807(856)mm300 x 440 x 807(856)mm