Self Service Charging Smart Locker

The self-service charging smart locker system is a unique way of offering users a secure location to store and/or recharge personal electronic devices and equipment such as phones, tablets and laptops, etc. ina central location for short periods of time.

Multiple compartment configurations allows an organisation to customise and create the perfect system for user – ultimately enhancing visitor and staff experience whilst also increasing revenue and improving security and safety through secure device storage and charging.

The simple touch screen control panel guides users through of using the smart locker system quickly and easily to ensure maximum usability, reliability and efficiency, whilst the management software with automatic audit trail offers piece of mind to users and management alike.

How it works …


The self-service charging lockers can be configured to allow registered users to request access to a secure locker by entering a pin code into the touch screen control panel or by swiping an access control card that is known to a central database such as Active Directory at the reader below it. For public spaces where users aren’t necessarily known before hand, the locker can be configured to allow any person to request the use of a locker by simply setting up their own pin code before being given access to an available locker.


Once access has been granted to the software a user may request the use of an available locker that befits their specific requirements. At this stage the requested locker door lock will be released and personal items can be stored within. Internal split charging cables or 3 pin plug sockets may be used to re-charge personal devices if present within the compartment. Multiple charging options available to suit your needs include:

  • Power Socket
  • Apple Lightning
  • Micro-USB
  • USB Type-C


To retrieve items a user may either log back into the touch screen control panel using the unique pin code that they have previously set, or swipe the access control card previously used. All transaction information is automatically stored within our web based management software and may be retrieved at any time remotely over Wi-Fi, through the internal LAN network or via the touch screen control panel by an administrator.

Dimensions & Sizes

Ref Cabinet
01 Small Cabinet
02 Small Medium Cabinet
03 Medium Cabinet
04 Small Medium+ Cabinet
05 Medium+ Cabinet
06 Small Large Cabinet
07 Large Cabinet

Ref Controllers

Ref Compartments
10 CS
11 CSW
12 CM
13 CMW
14 CL
15 CLW
16 CXL

External Dimensions (mm)
[H] 625 [W] 628
[H] 1125 [W] 628
[H] 1125 [W] 1128
[H] 1625 [W] 628
[H] 1625 [W] 1128
[H] 2125 [W] 628
[H] 2125 [W] 1128

External Dimensions (mm)
[H] 500 [W] 250
[H] 500 [W] 500

Internal Dimensions (mm)
[H] 94 [W] 155
[H] 94 [W] 155
[H] 219 [W] 155
[H] 219 [W] 405
[H] 469 [W] 405
[H] 469 [W] 905
[H] 969 [W] 905

All compartments are 405mm deep internally.