Como is a unique and empowering customer loyalty solution designed to increase customer engagement and loyalty with personalised and targeted rewards. Providing integration with over 75 Point-Of-Sale solutions including ICRTouch & Micros, Como allows you to collect a huge amount of data on who your customers are, how frequently they visit, how much they spend, and more.

Using the data that’s collected, businesses have the opportunity to offer the right rewards to the right people at the right time, ultimately driving revenue by increasing customer visit frequency, and keeping your customers happy. In addition, Como enables your business by providing full marketing capabilities, allowing you to connect with your customers via SMS, push notifications and email campaigns.

Integrated Directly into your POS System

Point-Of-Sale integration is key in utilising the full potential of your customer loyalty system. Without valuable information such as customer preferences and purchase history, it can be difficult for businesses to provide a tailor-made experience to their customer base.

Como integrates directly with your POS to create a seamless solution where your entire system works together: customer management, loyalty and all your online services. Como is currently integrated with up to 75 leading Point-Of-Sale software providers including:

  • ICRTouch
  • Micros
  • PAR Pixelpoint
  • Bleep
  • Samtouch
  • AccuPos
  • Orion
  • Point One
  • 3S POS
  • Revel Systems
  • Cunninghams
  • Tevalis
  • Gardiff Epos
  • ICG Software
  • County EPOS
  • Comerssia
  • GA Tech Solutions
  • Tecseris
  • Posera
  • WRS Systems
  • Tecnasa
  • Orbis Tech
  • Soft Controls
  • Omni
  • Robotpos
  • Arkhe
  • BeeComm
  • All4Shop
  • Dorix
  • Comax
  • Saint
  • MobileBytes
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We can provide an end to end solution including the provision and upgrade of the POS software, hardware, loyalty integration, training on both and the tools to help you design a promotional strategy.



  • POS integration for a full data picture
  • Use beacons with automations
  • Online ordering service
  • Wide variety of payment methods
  • E-Commerce integrations
  • 3rd Party Web Modules
  • Booking & Scheduling

Customer Management

Keep track of all your customers and know their every move—then motivate them to come back and spend more.

  • Centralized loyalty for all sites and locations
  • Customised and branded mobile app
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Customer identification (phone number, QR code, and more)
  • Registration via app, POS, or control panel
  • Filter customers by any attribute or action
  • Create and target specific customer groups
  • Combine all your loyalty to one place
  • Set automated actions for any time and place


Your customized app reflects your unique business and displays your most important info. It’s your most valuable line of communication to your customers. Once created, your mobile app will be available to download for iOS & Android.

  • Showcase your product listings or menus
  • Multi-location information and navigation
  • Tailor-made offers and promotions direct to customer
  • Variety of differing mobile payment options
  • Digital rewards in customers’ pocket
  • Easy to manage with your Como control panel


With Como Sense, you’re in control. All the information you would need about your customers is right at your fingertips, helping you to know your customers’ behavior and turn that knowledge into sales.

  • Target customers with surgical precision
  • Detailed reports down to the cart item
  • Profile your customers and customer groups
  • Data wizard for instant answers
  • Make changes based on real-time analytics
  • Analyze trends to find growth opportunities


Como Sense offers a broad range of incentives, and smart automated services, ensuring your promotions reach the correct target customers

  • Points, punch cards, cash back, and more
  • Time-saving, rule-based automated features
  • Gamification including scratch cards
  • Set tiers for different levels of customer spending
  • Cross-promote with businesses and brands
  • Rewards for social media interaction
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