What is CashComplete Connect?

CashComplete Connect is a cloud based payment management system built to integrate with and help manage all parts of your company’s cash flow.

As a company owner you will be able to  and understand what’s happening across your entire company in real time without having to request multiple reports from different departments to consolidate.

The software is simple to use and seamlessly connects payment management hardware, software and back office systems.

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What Are the Benefits?

Reduce the Cost of Cash

It costs a lot of money to keep a track of all the cash a company uses. With CashComplete Connect you can streamline and automate this process saving you money and giving you more time to focus on your business.

Multi-Currency & Language

Modern companies can’t be constrained to just operating in one currency and language, often we need to deal with companies that use different currencies than our own or employees who might speak a different language. This is all supported by CashComplete Connect. You will be able to use any language and as many currencies as you need.

Real-Time Visibility

CashComplete Connect updates in real time which means no waiting. If money goes into your business you will see it as it happens.

Increase Employee Productivity

With CashComplete Connect automatically doing many tasks employees would normally have to do manually, they will be able to get the information they need to work, automatically. 

Rapid Deployment

CashComplete Connect is easy to set up. Thanks to this rapid deployment you won’t be wasting weeks of your companies valuable time setting up software and training employees.


Automatic Updates

Because CashComplete Connect is a Web App, rather than one you need to install to your device, you’ll get all the latest updates immediately without having to do a thing.

Different Solutions for Different Businesses





CashComplete Connect Basic Edition

Suitable for:

  • Smaller Businesses

What can it do?

Basic Edition is designed to be easy to use for smaller businesses who don’t need all the advanced features of Enterprise and Retail Editions. It features real time dashboards with machine, cash and user status, real time machine error notifications with support for multiple languages and currency.

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Cash Complete Connect Enterprise Edition

Suitable for:

  • Larger Businesses

What can it do?

Enterprise Edition is designed for larger companies where small errors could quickly become bigger problems. It features advances reporting and analytics, automatic email and SMS alerts so you’re  immediately aware if there is an issue and advanced user permissions.

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CashComplete Connect Retail Edition

Suitable for:

  • Retail Industry

What can it do?

Retail Edition is built on Enterprise but adds custom features designed just for retail.  It can integrate with your POS to automatically add up your tills, alert you of potential shrinkage issues and keep track of your balances.

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CashComplete Connect Transportation Edition

This edition is not yet available but is coming soon. Click the button below to register your interest with us and we will contact you when it’s available.

Compare Editions

Real time dashboards with machine, cash and user statusYESYESYES
Real time machine error notificationYESYESYES
Basic reporting for machines, cash, users and transactionsYESYESYES
Configure and modify machines, users and sitesYESYESYES
Multi language and currency supportedYESYESYES
Advanced reporting and analyticsNOYESYES
Real-time alerting via email and SMSNOYESYES
Centralised machine user managementNOYESYES
Smart Groups™ for sites and machine usersNOYESYES
Advanced user permissionsNOYESYES
Advanced REST API for full read/write access to dataNOYESYES
Support for selected third party devicesNOYESYES
Retail cashier balancing including POS integrationNONOYES
Retail operations dashboardNONOYES
Service Level AgreementN/AYESYES