Our security safes are available in a range of sizes and security ratings, from small, compact models ideal for home use to large, cabinet sized Eurograde safes designed to storeyour cash and valuables

Our certified security safes share the same high build quality and stylish, minimalist design. They have also been independently tested to international standards for burglary resistance. Certain models also provide up to 1 hour of certified fire resistance for documents, providing security against two of the worst case scenarios, fire and theft.

We supply and install safes independently certified to EN 1143-1 from Grade 0 to Grade 6

We can work with you and your insurance company to recommend the most suitable safe and lock combination for your required overnight cash risk

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Insurance Rated Safes Tested to European Standards

Featuring a unique and stylish design which includes the Robur logo as a turn handle our certified safes provide security you can count on. Tested and approved by approved European laboratories, these safes are certified to the stringent EN 1143-1 burglar resistance standard. Available in Grades I to VI, they are suitable for securing cash overnight.

Certain models have also been tested for fire resistance and provide up to 1 hour of protection for papers and documents. Grade VI models are available with Core Drill and Explosive resistance for the utmost in security. .

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