When it comes to vacuum tube systems, Memotech can provide a diverse range of reliable system types, sizes and designs to suit your needs.

From items of utmost importance, we can supply your business with systems that can safely carry just about anything that can fit in the vacuum tubes for any distance you require with speeds of approximately 4-8 meters per second. Ultimately, saving your business time, resources and money.


Vacuum Tube Carriers

Whether it is fragile cargo such as lab samples or small electronic parts, we can provide vacuum tube carriers that can move small objects from 50mm to 315mm. Features of the carriers are:

  • Leakprooft
  • Tube system cleaners
  • Decontamination devices
  • Video inspection devices
  • RFiD and bar coding

We can also provide custom carriers for certain requirements and solutions.

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Vacuum Tube Stations

Every vacuum tube system has a station, here is where the carrier journey is initiated and stopped at it’s chosen destination.

We supply a wide range of specifically manufactured vacuum tube stations that are fast and easy to use, easy to install and minimal maintenance involved.

Stations can be at the start, middle, end of the line or specialised to deal with automatic unloading for busy turnaround destinations such as hospitals or material deliveries where RFID scanning returns the carrier to the sender.

All stations can be supplied with a multiple matching accessories and come in a range of sizes to suit the specific tube diameter.

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Vacuum Tube Systems

We also offer a wide and diverse range of vacuum tube system types and sizes to suit your requirements that will safely move anything that can fit into the tube carrier. Some systems that can be installed are:

  • 2 station point to point systems
  • 3 or more station single zone systems
  • Multiple station, multiple zone systems

The vacuum tube systems can also be integrated with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems such as fulfilment, ordering, stock control and automated guided vehicles (AGV’s) and robots.

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