Designed to save you valuable time with minimal human assistance

Note counting and sorting has never been made more easy. Whilst being reliable and accurate, these products ensure that your notes are counted accurately and can even detect fake notes. This is ideal for businesses that deal with large amounts of cash. Don’t work harder. Work smarter.

Note Counters

Tired of counting your large stacks of cash? Frustrated at having to recount your stack to make sure you haven’t made a mistake? Well then look no further. Note counters are built to make your day easier. In addition to being accurate, convenient and easy to operate; They can also detect fake notes and are intelligent enough to know when different denominations are encountered.

  • Time saving
  • Accurate
  • Easy to operate
  • Convenient
  • Intelligent
  • Fake note detection
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Note Sorters

In addition to counting you can also sort your stacks of cash. The sorting is done in respect to the denominations. Note sorters are also able to detect counterfeit notes. Many note counters also act as sorters giving you premium 2-in-1 functionality. There is also the availability of multi-currency note counters/sorters.

  • Efficient
  • Fake note detection
  • multi-currency counters/sorters available
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