Why do smart lockers benefit educational institutes?

  • Students can easily secure their personal belongings safely in the lockers
  • Students can charge up their electronic devices while they are on the go or in class
  • Institutes can secure their own equipment safely without having to worry about theft.
  • Staff can loan out equipment to authorised students to assist with their college assignments

With many students and members of staff needing access to an often limited number of laptops, tablet computers or even books in some cases, it is important that resources are managed correctly. Whether your School/College/University is looking to implement effective laptop loan lockers, iPad charging stations for students, or simple electronic lockers that offer secure storage for users – this is the product for your institute.

With RFiD smart lockers your establishment can secure school owned devices and other valuable equipment in suitable locations so that they are available to authorised students at times that suit their busy study schedules. Not only does this benefit student experience, it means that staff do not have to allocate valuable time and resources to long winded sign in-sign out processes to ensure that valuable laptops and other devices are accounted for 24 hours a day.

By placing self-service charging locker systems around your premises you give students a fast and safe way to re-charge personal devices whilst not having to worry about electronic devices and equipment being stolen or damaged whilst un-attended. All smart locker systems may be integrated with your library management software, active directory and/or current access control cards to ensure seamless integration and hassle free management, whilst also being available in pay to use or free to use mode.

Other great features include an in-built colour camera to eradicate foul play, locker or laptop reservation module that is accessible to students online, internal locker charging points via 3pin plug socket, USB socket or hard wired charging cable plus automatic email reminders that ensure that locker compartments and School devices are being used as efficiently as possible.