ICRTouch TouchOffice Web is software that gives you a live update and understanding of how your business is operating.

With live and historical sales report, TouchOffice Web gives you complete update of how your business is performing from any device, anywhere. With stock, staff, pricing and programming, you have full control over it all.

Business Management

Real-Time Decisions
You get instant access to specific real-time sales data allowing you identify trends or patterns and react to them.

Historical Insights
Create historical reports to get access to deep insights into sales and staff performance over time.

Remote Programming
Make live program changes across your entire platform or schedule for a specific date. You can also adjust pricing, and products and your tills will update with it.


Stock Control
Keep track of your stock levels, schedule and orders.

Time & Attendance
Keep an accurate record of your staff clock in and out times also their attendance.

Business Intelligence

Export Data
You can extract financial reports at any time and export them into PDF and Excel CSV instantly.

You get a deep insight into your business from anywhere,  anytime on any device. TouchOffice Web is versatile enough to be used by a business in any sector whether it is hospitality or retail.

The software allows you to create promotions and vouchers for your business.


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