Providing the highest quality design and construction with strict, intelligent key control

Key tracking cabinets are designed for situations where strict key control is required, such as in car dealerships or commercial properties with confidential or high security areas. Keys cannot be removed from the cabinet by a user unless they first identify themselves in some way, usually by inserting a unique access peg or a passcode. The user can usually only remove one key at a time and the system provides a quick and easy way to check who has what key.

Available in a range of sizes and configurations including racking and secure cabinets, our range of key management systems is guaranteed to meet your needs.

Keytracker Intelligent Cabinets

Keytracker Intelligent Key Cabinets keep all keys secure yet quickly accessible to any employees with permissions to access the cabinet. Designed with security as paramount, the cabinet uses built-in intelligence to give administrators complete control over individual access keys.

  • Restricted access
  • Easy-to-use web based key management software application
  • Auditing facilities with automated email and optional SMS alerting
  • LED lights for easy positioning identification
  • Secure anti-tamper cable seals
  • Battery backup and internal memory in the event of power failure
  • Mechanical System Override
  • Networked or standalone
  • No license fees for software
  • Optional biometric access
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Creone KeyRack Models

Secure key racking solutions offer easy installation, easy key management, and maximum overview of each individual key. Easily expandable to suit your needs, our range of secure key racking is ideal for your business.

  • Easily mounted to walls or inside rated cabinets
  • Maximum overview when wall mounted
  • Maximum security when mounted within a secure cabinet
  • Unique trackable pegs for each key
  • LED Display for viewing event history, code configuration, securing and releasing keys, and more
  • Track who has checked out what key and at what time
  • Expandable up to a maximum of 66 strips, totalling 924 unique key positions
  • Battery backup to ensure constant availability
  • Control all units via TCP/IP with optional software
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Creone KeyBox Models

Key Box solutions offer a simple and flexible solution for key management in every environment. Available in a multitude of different models and sizes, key boxes offer a secure solution to your key storage needs.

  • Easily mounted and configured for ease of use
  • Unique trackable pegs for each key
  • Expandable up to 15 cabinets in a single system – allowing a maximum of 96 compartments for key storage
  • Store thousands of access events which can be easily logged and tracked
  • Up to 500 user codes
  • LED Display for viewing event history, configuration, and more
  • Battery backup to ensure constant availability
  • Control all units via TCP/IP with optional software

For more information regarding our range of key boxes, please do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll be glad to assist you.

Creone KeyWin Software

KeyWin is a software created by key management specialists Creone for their range of secure key tracking products. KeyWin simplifies your key management in a flexible and easy to grasp way, allowing you to monitor and control both key management and storage of valuables. The software is suitable for all Creone products, and allows users to utilise up to 100 cabinets in the same system and in different locations. All events are registered, and users can search for any information they desire all from one central location.

KeyWin 6 Features


Administrators have the ability to determine which members of staff have access to which keys with which codes.


Simplify administration by grouping users with the same access rights. Groups can also be created for keys as well as users.


Provide each key with a name or key ID for better management of keys.


The search function can be used to search for employees via email address, groups, and more.


Allows administrators to view the key cabinet’s status and edit the keys within.


By setting up a time channel, keys only become available to employees when the time channel is active.


All events are registered to event logs, making it easy to query events such as unauthorised access, alarms, etc.


When an alarm is triggered, the event is clearly marked by a red event, which will detail employee, time of alarm, and reason for triggering.

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