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Technology is rapidly evolving.

We can help you navigate the complex landscape of tech solutions.

Making the right decision when it comes to the solutions your business use is vital.

Memotech has established partnerships with some of the worlds leading software platforms.

We can help you strategize how to effectively deploy the right solutions.

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Why should your business invest in Technology Consulting?

  1. Make the right decisions – Making the wrong decision can lead to a loss of revenue. By choosing the best fit solutions you can avoid this.
  2. Cost saving – By utilising the solutions we offer you could reduce the operating costs of your business.
  3. Increased revenue – Our goal is to see our clients grow and achieve success. Many of existing clients report an increase in revenue from using our solutions.
  4. Understand how your business works – Using the right solutions will give you a good picture of how your business works and how it can be improved. 

Solutions breakdown

  • Advanced Loyalty Solutions: We can offer cutting edge loyalty solutions which would allow brands to leverage their business intelligence to improve their performance.
  • Online Ordering Solutions: No commission based online ordering solutions that can potentially integrate with the above solutions or work as a standalone solution.
  • Branded Mobile App Development: We can help develop a powerful mobile application which integrates online ordering and advanced loyalty. This app can help create huge levels of brand awareness and future proof your business. 
  • Website and eCommerce Development: As a successful eCommerce company ourselves. We can offer web and eCommerce development services these can integrate with virtually all the above solutions.
  • Inventory Management Solutions (IMS): A cloud-based restaurant inventory management and purchasing app focused on streamlining procurement, delivery, and accounting. Start Tracking your cost of goods sold, examine your entire purchasing history and stay on top of your inventory.
  • ERP Solutions:
  • CRM Solutions: Customer Relationship Management Solutions for SMEs to Enterprise.
  • Business Intelligence Solutions: What to do with all this Data from your various solutions? We offer Business Intelligence solutions that tie all your data together into usable insights and help optimise your business.

Aftercare, Support and Training

Our Irish based support are always on hand and happy to help!

We offer comprehensive support and training packages.


No matter the size of your business we have a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to integrate with your website.

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