What is Zoom?

Zoom is the ultimate all-in-one software solution for video conferencing, online meetings, and group chats. Collaborate anytime, anywhere with Zoom, available on both PC and mobile, it is the best collaboration tool for remote work.

Zoom features high quality video calls, user authentication, secure file sharing, scheduling, screen sharing, multi webcam streams and much more.


Why Zoom?

  • One consistent enterprise experience for all use cases
  • Engineered & optimized to work reliably
  • Up to 1,000 video participants & 10,000 viewers
  • Easy-to-use, buy & scale
  • Most affordable, straightforward pricing

Remote Working Hardware Solution

Take a look at our Poly Studio range to enhance your video conference calls. The Poly studio range is the best in class for video and audio quality with noise reduction technology for an immersive video call experience. Start sharing content wirelessly without the need of a Mac or a PC!

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Meetings and Chat

Real-time messaging and HD video calls at your finger tips. Designed for mobile and PC for the best overall user experience.

Rooms and Workspaces

Zoom Rooms allows for video and audio conferencing with wireless screen sharing. With an easy setup process, Zoom Rooms is a one click solution to quickly join meetings.

Phone System

Reduce the need for using multiple applications for video, chat, meetings and conferencing. Zoom Phone accommodates it all.

Video Webinars

Expand your business with Zoom Video Webinar for presentations and broadcasting. Enhance audience engagement with chat, Q&A and Polling and virtual hand raising.

App Marketplace

The Zoom App Marketplace allows the integration of third-party applications with Zoom to enhance your Zoom experience.

Meetings and Chat

  • Screen share or record your meetings 
  • Bring HD video and high quality audio to your meetings
  • End-to-end encryption for secure meetings
  • Create private or public group chats and share files with Zoom Chat
  • Enhance participant engagement by enabling poll, Q&A and virtual hand-raising
  • Track utilisation and usage trends

Rooms and Workspaces

  • Join meetings and wirelessly share content with a press of a button
  • Bring HD video and high quality audio to conference rooms
  • Enable interactive whiteboarding for co-annotating across desktop, mobile and Zoom Rooms
  • Remote room management with Zoom Rooms for setting and managing rooms
  • Book rooms for meetings using calendar integration 
  • End-to-end encryption for secure meetings

Phone Systems

  • Consolidate voice, chat, meetings and conferencing into one application, the Zoom Phone
  • End-to-end encryption for secure meetings
  • Transition from Zoom Phone to a Zoom Meeting with ease
  • Monitoring dashboard for troubleshooting call quality issues
  • Listen to voicemails & call recordings from your PC or mobile device

Video Webinar

  • Integrate with Facebook or YouTube for live broadcasting
  • Enhance participant engagement by enabling poll, Q&A, virtual hand-raising and attention indicator
  • Bring HD video and high quality audio to your broadcasts and live events
  • Recording feature for on-demand viewing
  • Get reports on the attendees, polling, Q&A and attendee engagement

App Marketplace

  • Take control of third party apps that integrate with Zoom for more functionality 
  • CRM – HubSpot Notifications, Hubspot, Close, MasterCRM and SalesForce
  • Collaboration – Gmail,  Slack, Asana, Microsoft Teams, Hangouts Chat, Hive and much more
  • Marketing – SurveyMonkey, Autopilot, MailChimp and much more
  • Other categories to aid your business includes Customer Service, Analytics, Education, Finance, Monitoring, Scheduling, Transcriptions, Productivity, Learning and Development and Healthcare